by Diana Ferrer | 6:29 am

Acne is one of your biggest enemies and they can be very hard to deal with, at times. They are very invasive, they spread quickly, and even after you have successfully taken care of them, there is a risk that they may leave scars behind, which opens up an entirely new range of problems you may have to deal with. If you have already come to the stage where your face is full of acne scars and you would really like to get rid of them, there are plenty of different ways for you to tackle the issue and come out victorious.

There are numerous ways to deal with scars

There are plenty of different acne scarring treatments that can help you return your skin to its prime condition once again. It all starts with homemade remedies, which can be prepared and used by you, at home. Unfortunately, the remedies take a lot of time before they can finally reward you with the effect you were looking for, so if you are not known to have enough patience to wait it out, you may want to take more serious steps to ensure that your problem will be addressed and dealt with in a timely manner with success.

Use creams and remedies at first

One of the most basic acne scarring treatments includes using cortisone creams to soothe your skin. These can usually be prescribed by your dermatologist, and the skin cells will absorb the hormone to reduce the inflammation and speed up healing. Some of the creams can even be bought without a prescription, but this also is a timely process which may or may not work out, depending on your individual skin condition. One of the things that could help you deal with the issue much faster, by settling to undertake laser or filler treatments.

If your scar is deep, you need fillers

You can usually book an appointment with your dermatologist, for them to perform laser skin resurfacing treatments, in order to even out the surface of your skin and boost the creation of new collagen. Keep in mind there are two different kinds of laser treatments. One of them is called an Ablative laser treatment, and it will not boost the creation of collagen. It is simply going to vaporize your scar entirely, and over time, new skin is going to take over instead. If the acne scar you have is deep, laser treatment may not be as successful. Instead, you should ask for fillers, because that is the only way to even out the indentations made by the scar. Unfortunately, the fillers may need to be replaced every six months, because the product dissolves and gets absorbed by the skin over time.



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