by Diana Ferrer | 7:59 am

If you want to have an instantly long hair in just a matter of minutes, extensions are the best answer for you. However, there’s a downside to it. The professionally made hair extension could easily transform your appearance without affecting the your hair’s health, but when it’s done in a wrong way, it could surely cause a serious damage. Thus, you need to know what you should expect prior to going to the salon.


Hair extensions done by professional salon artists and that they are made from high quality hair will surely cost you several hundred dollars. The price simply depends on the quality of the hair being used. The Asian hair is relatively cheap, while the European hair costs 3-times more, most especially if you need a blonde hair. You may also find starter kits with all of the instructions and aren’t really difficult to apply. Thus, if you feel somehow daring, you can always buy a DIY kit and save a good sum of money. When it’s correctly done, this kind of extension will look good.

Different Hair Extensions

There are two kinds of extensions, one’s the individual strands and the other one is wefts. The individual strands, the extensions are attached piece by piece to your own hair. It will be done using a glue, or using polymers and waxes. The problem here is that, most of the attachment methods need some sort of coating for your natural hair with somewhat unfriendly chemicals. Attaching these extensions isn’t really a problem, yet removing it can cause serious damage to the hair.

On the other hand, the weft types of hair extensions will be braided into the hair, so you don’t need any sort of chemicals. Weft seems like a curtain, wherein the hair is being held together. It is also braided into your hair all around the middle line of the head. This treatment is a lot safer for your hair, but when your hair grows, the wefts need to be braided again every two months.


Extensions could be real human hair or synthetic. The synthetic ones are relatively cheap, but they look artificial and not pleasant to touch. It is definitely not ideal if you’re rooting for a natural look. However, with the human hair, you’ll surely get the best results, but they can be costly.

So, choose whatever type of extension you want, and have them applied to your hair. Get an instantly long hair in a few hours. What are you waiting for? Visit the nearest salon for the treatment or buy your own DIY kit and get this done.



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