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Doctors provide counseling to the patients regarding their reproductive decisions are to have only one child in order to avoid the situation of population explosion. Partners should uses protection while getting intimate in order to avoid any happening. A woman should give birth to a child when she has a strong feeling that she is mentally and physically prepared to give birth to young ones and both the parents are ready to nourish their child.

It is true that United States being the most powerful country consumes around twenty percent of the world’s resources in-spite of having less than five percent of the world’s population as compared to other parts of the world because the children born there enjoy very luxurious life with all the amenities provided to them that lead to a large ecological footprint to the environment. Beforehand counselling done by doctors for laser hair removal can promote the well-being of humans.

It involves the individual and group to identify and realize the aspirations by satisfying the needs of the people and change with the environment. Through health promotion done by doctors it is possible for the people to increase the control over the determinants of health and also improving the health of the people. There are range of activities by making public policies, developing the organization, using preventative health services, community based work and the economic regulatory activities. There is advancement in technology and cure of health diseases that can easily various issues and problems like hairs can be removed easily with the help of laser hair removal Moonee Ponds.

The health promotion done by doctors is aimed at improving the health of an individual or community by changing the behavior that can have a negative influence on health. The health promotion approaches and the strategies range from individually focused intervention like posters that provides positive health messages by developing a national health promoting policy.

There are three main types of strategies that employ in the implementation of health promotion by enabling and creating the environments that support the health and advocating creating the essential conditions for health. For implementing the health promotion there must be development of personal skills and creating the environment that supports the environments. There must be strengthened community action by reorienting the health services and building up the health public policy.

The wellness program initiated by doctors is very successful with recognition at the state and national levels. It has received external funding for wellness program development and continues to have high enrollment. However, there are components of the wellness program that does not have an evaluation plan in place, such as the healthy hour program that runs for six months at a time.



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