by Diana Ferrer | 1:57 am

There are food which can make you slim down by eating more. Make sure that you replace your unhealthy food with healthy food for a healthier lifestyle and a slim body . Grape fruit has a low amount of calories and has a large amount of carbohydrates and also enzymes. Grape fruit lowers insulin levels which helps weight loss. Cucumbers can be pretty helpful too. Cucumbers are 95% water and they have extremely low levels of calories. Kiwis are known for having a plenty of vitamins and minerals and they are known to help slimming down. If you want a food, full of calcium, nutrients and fiber kale is a perfect match. Adding chia seeds to your diet will be a good move because chia seeds are known as a powerhouse.

Food to eat for healthy skin

Your skin plays the most important role in making you look good. Healthy skin gives you a beautiful glow. Strawberries are said to have more vitamin C than oranges or grape fruits and it can help to prevent aging and also in wrinkle reduction. Vitamin C fights against skin damage and also hydrates the skin. Olive oil can be one of your best friends, since olive oil has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to adding olive oil into your daily diet, it can be used as a lip gloss.

Having a cup of green tea does a lot more than just relaxing you, it has the ability to help reduce risk of cancer. Pumpkins have carotenoids, vitamin C, E and A and also enzymes which helps to cleanse the skin. A fruit that is very rich in antioxidants is pomegranate. Applying pomegranate on your face will help you get rid of dead skin.

Food that’ll help you maintain healthy hair

There are not only food that helps you to slim down and to get good looking skin but some food can make your hair healthy, when consumed. Food with healthy omega-3 acids should be consumed, examples are salmon, sardines, and mackerel. Since your body is incapable of producing healthy fats, you have to obtain them from an external source. Salmon can help to shine to your hair. Greek yogurt is filled with proteins and vitamin B5 which helps the blood flow to your scalp to increase hair growth and will also help you against hair thinning and hair loss. Spinach has iron vitamin C, A and many more nutrients which will gift you a healthy hair and scalp. Spanish will take actions against brittle hair.



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