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With the growing popularity of the cosmetic industry, the experts are coming up with innovative features and technologies for women to enhance their beauty. One such introduction is the synthetic eyelashes. Although more and more women are adopting this remarkable fashion trend, there are many others are looking for information about the trend, and the process involved.

FAQs about Eyelash Extension Application

Here are the answers for some of the frequently asked questions.

Why to Wear Eyelash Extensions

As you already know, synthetic eyelashes are designed in a way to enhance the beauty of your eyes. With simple changes in your eyelashes, you can automatically eliminate the need for applying makeup to your eyes. You can find many salons consisting of the experienced stylists, with eyelash extensions courses certification.

Finding the Certified Eyelash Stylists

With the growing popularity for eyelash extensions, people from all around the globe are opting for eyelash extensions courses. You can find many beauty salons with the certified beauty specialists. For further information, you can always take help from the online search tools.

What are the Eyelashes actually made from?

Eyelash extensions are crafted using the synthetic polyester as the basic material. As the name says, the polyester type has excellent tendency to withstand rough usage, accidental wear and tear, etc. When applied, they never cause itching or irritation for your eyes.

Total Cost for the Procedure

The eyelashes of people vary from one another. Some have thick eyelashes whereas some have very thin and few lashes. If you plan on going with the eyelashes extensions idea, then the experts first check your natural lashes. Their thickness will give an idea about the type of synthetic extensions that fits with your eye shape and also your face.

The experts will then decide about the billing, once they find the perfect match for your natural lashes. The minimum extensions that are required per eye will be around 50 to 60 and the experts will cost you per eyelash or the thickness and material used.

How long do they last?

Once applied, the synthetic eyelashes can last around more than 45 to 60 days. However, the synthetic lashes will stay until the natural lashes start falling out. Your experts can help you with replacing the lost lashes with the extensions to maintain the fullness and elegance of your eyes.

How long will the Eyelashes Extensions Application Procedure Take?

If you consider a minute for applying each lash, then you can count around 2 to 3 hours. However, the time duration might also vary as per the expertise of your specialist.



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