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The fused hair extensions are the type of hair extensions that are put on the naturally grown hair employing two types of methods referred to as the cold fusion and the hot fusion. The fusion of hair extension is basically done for beautification reasons as means of lengthening or adding on to the natural hair. With that in mind this procedure should be taken seriously to ensure that it goes as planned. For one the procedure should be undertaken by an individual who is qualified and certified to perform such procedures. Once the extensions have been put in place they might take a period of three to six months before they are removed. Have a peek at this site, for further details about hair extensions.

During that period there is a certain level of maintenance alongside tightening procedures that is required on the fused extensions. It is the duty of the hair stylist to analyze the hair and come up with the best hair extension plan and advice on the right fusion accordingly in terms of the type and the method to be used. The methods are the determinant of the time to be used in putting them on. In sense the process can be tedious or somehow quick. The type of bonding that is utilized in the fused extensions is usually transparent meaning that is not visible and obvious from the first look. 

As stated earlier there are two methods of fusion and in the hot fusion, hot glue is used to combine the hair extensions to the natural hair pieces. During the procedure the glue is actually heated to a certain required temperature and then an application is made with a glue gun. In order to make the best type of fusion, the procedure is done through a step by step process which can even last up to sixteen hours. Due to the strenuous effect of the procedure it needs to be done with utmost care to avoid causing irritation or even burning the scalp at the hair dressing salon. Find out more info about hair dressing Surry Hills, click here.

In the cold fusion the procedure can be described as much gentler when compared with the hot fusion especially on the scalp and the hair itself. This kind of method works well with the fine hair. Now in this procedure there is no use of hot glue but rather a keratin-based polymer is used in the attachment of the hair extensions. The end result of this procedure is that the fusion will make the hair appear natural. In a period of about six months the user can be assured of great looking naturally feeling hair.

The reasons the hair stays on for only six moths is the fact that the natural hair will keep on growing even after the extension has been attached. In the meantime the fused extensions need to be tightened and strengthened appropriately before they are finally removed. It is good to ask for advice from the hair stylist to ensure that you settle on the right kind of procedure and also about the tightening and strengthening of the hair extensions once they have been put in place.



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