by Diana Ferrer | 1:48 am

A person whose main occupation is to cut & design hair and sometimes help you to maintain your image is no one but a hairdresser. Mainly these hairdressers are very well versed in applying technique to hair texture. In countries like the United States and Europe these hair dressers have professional licensed. They have also undergone special training on this. Barber and cosmetologist are two other names of hair dresser. More than thousand years age this occupation evolved. It is shown in many ancient paintings and drawing that people are working with other persons head and hair. In the writing of many writers like Homer and Aristophanes mention the word hair dressing in their books. In many countries, this hair dressing professions is given good status as they believe that one’s spirit use to occupy on one’s hair. And hence this status led many people to acquire this hair dressing skill. But in ancient there is a rule that only men will work on men’s hair and women will work on women’s hair. If a master hair dresser dies, they use to give and put their comb and other supporting tools near to the person. Use this link to get to know more tips on your one stop solution to all your hairstyle needs.  
Beauty salon or hair salon, which is mainly an establishment deals with treatment using cosmetic both for women and men. Spas are also a type or sub part of the beauty salon. But in a broad areas beauty salon is much more concentrate in beauty treatment which is related to skin, foot care, facial, manicure and pedicure. And beauty salon is mainly deals with only hair treatment, hair color, hair spa and many more. Head or hair massage is another important treatment in hair salon which helps to lower down the stress level in you. In a survey done by American Times shows that beauty salon business is one of the main recession proof industries in many countries like UK, Canada and United States. But from the year 2008 there is a huge decline in sales in this industry. This market is widely distributed in All over the world and in the market there are many major players like T Jones and etc.
Most of this big beauty salon has highly expertise hair stylist, who have wide experience in this field. Model, film artist, actors are some of the major clients of this salon. The cost of hair style and treatment varies from salon to salon. Branded salons are of higher cost than local one. There is almost 25% growth in the year 2008 to 2013 in this profession. Skin care specialists and hairdresser are now one of the highest employment growths in the United States as per US labor department. Technical improvement has also made in recent years in this beauty salon. Many updated machines have come in the market which can change your looks than ever before. It’s time for you now to change and to groom with best therapy available to these salons. Also, you can think once to take this as your profession and can open your own salon.



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