by Diana Ferrer | 3:06 am

In an image obsessed culture like ours, it’s what’s on the outside that matters. Although the stuffing of what we are made up of eventually surfaces to the top and we are ultimately revealed, in the meantime we can fool the world with what we want them to believe. Women are obsessed with beauty. I’m also one of those women that are into what’s on the surface and into creating an image for the world to see. It’s a cheap way to gain peoples attention but it works and it works quickly.Beauty will never die because it provides instant pleasure and instant gratification. Upon looking at a woman with good looks, our attention is secured because to look at her is to enjoy it. It’s not hard work to revel in the appearances of the good looking. It’s almost as if they were asking for the attention even if they do not actively seek it. In Western culture, anything that provides instant pleasure is marketable and popularly received. Who doesn’t want something good and fast? The quest for beauty is one that is sought after by most women at some point in their lives. In their aims to get a man for relationship purposes in the dreams of marriage on the horizon. They say that men are driven by what they see. And if they see a woman that they are attracted to, then seeds are planted within their minds. The thing about beauty though, is that it is deceptive. There’s a reason why not judging a book by its cover is a truism. It’s perfectly true. But beauty is so powerful that people continue to overlook this important and true fact of life. We just can’t help ourselves in the end, really. Use this link if you are looking for a beauty product that can help your skin to be healthy.The cosmetics industry makes billions every year through a woman’s insatiable need to feel confident and secure in their appearances. The beauty industry will never suffer great losses as long as women feel that it’s what’s on the outside that counts the most. In a society like ours, we keep telling our women that this is what matters more than anything and whether this is true or not doesn’t matter. The narrative will always stay strong despite active campaigns against it. Why? Because it’s partly true. What lies on the surface does matter more than what is secured inside. Well, it does to the extent that the audience wants it to and more often than not, we are willing to let the surface career us to questionable places. Here is a weblink that offers beauty products that can help your skin to glow, click the hyperlink to know the benifits of it.What lies on the surface has more currency than what’s inside because it is immediate. Beauty is immediate. Cosmetics claims to enhance beauty –immediately. The entire Western consumerist society is run by the tenet and promise of immediacy. Get what you want and fast. Beauty will always be a fast way of conveying social and physical currency.



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